Suffolk Pink - this month's featured colour

Suffolk Pink - this month's featured colour

June 04, 2018

This month’s featured colour is the delightful Suffolk Pink, a traditional, bold and stylish colour -  the perfect mix between old and new.

Anyone who has been through picturesque Suffolk would have seen many an historic house painted in this wonderful colour. It has been a feature in the county’s landscape since the 14th Century when traditional dyers added things like elderberries and sloe juice to limewash to create shades of pink. Beautiful villages such as Cavendish, Lavenham, and Long Melford uncover quaint rows of cottages and timber shops painted in different shades of pink nestled together in streets which have seen centuries of change yet still retain their historic charm.

Suffolk pink cup

Our take on the colour brings a traditional feel to a room without being overbearing. It has a lovely warming depth to it that makes the room feel comforting and homely, as if it has "always been decorated that way".

It is quite a bold pink (in that it is a strong colour rather than bold as in vivid) compared to the others in our range, and would most definitely make a stunning statement in any house. Use on its own or match up with other colours within the range to create different ambiences.

Suffolk Pink comes in 4 different finishes:

  • Matte - a solid, elegant finish and the best choice for older walls with ‘character’
  • Eggshell - slightly more lustre than the matte and easier to maintain
  • Silk - high sheen finish and the easiest to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth
  • Gloss - provides those finishing touches to wood and metal (both indoor and out) to complete a look

As with all our paints, not only is it a beautiful and high quality paint, it is also 100% VOC free, antibacterial and absorbs formaldehyde from the air. You can be rest assured that when you use our paint you are using a product that is certified and proven effective against all known bacteria including sickness, diarrhoea, meningitis, MRSA and salmonella, and prevents mould and mildew.

Click to learn more and to buy our beautiful Suffolk Pink paint.

(Psst… here's a bit more info on the history of why pink is used so much for building exteriors in Suffolk.)


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Four beautiful odourless paint finishes


For a solid, flat and elegant finish that is easy to touch up when required, matte paint is ideal for creating a gentle, soothing finish.  It helps to conceal flaws too, making it a good choice for older walls with "character".


Has slightly more lustre than a matte finish, low-sheen rather than shiny.  This attractive finish resists stains better than matte paint, and is easier to maintain


Creates an attractive and highly durable high sheen finish, an ideal choice if you want to make a room look bigger.  While it is the easiest to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth) Silk paint’s light reflecting properties do make it more difficult to touch up because any difference in sheen will be apparent.  It will make imperfections in your walls more noticeable, so it is worth investing a bit of extra time on surface preparation to make your walls as smooth as possible.  


Even our gloss paint is zero-VOC! An easy-to-apply, non-drip antibacterial gloss paint that provides a hardwearing, wipe-clean finish for interior and exterior wood and metal.  (Please note, the gloss does not share the formaldehyde-absorbing properties of the emulsion paint, but there's still no safer gloss paint on the market!) 


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