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Sia Safe antibacterial hand gel sachets (box of 200)

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Sia Safe is a 100% alcohol-free hand sanitiser manufactured by our parent company, Tetramass. We are delighted to make it available for you to purchase on our website.

A new and unique hand sanitiser gel

More effective than existing alcohol-based products:

  • Longer lasting - the anti-bacterial effects will last significantly longer (up to 10 times) compared with alcohol-based hand gels.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin - no detrimental effects such as skin irritation and dryness when compared to alcohol-based products. Alcohol-based hand gels will sting if there are any cuts or broken skin
  • Entirely non-flammable - as opposed to alcohol-based products which are highly inflammable
  • Does not dry hands
  • Perfect for keeping conveniently to hand in your change bag, car, pocket, purse or wallet etc.


Customer Reviews

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Nicola B
Great Freebie!

We put in an order for quite a lot of paint and got these as a freebie. They don't smell of that unpleasant alcohol smell like you get with most hand gels so was happy. They are small so great to carry in your purse or keep in your car after a food shop.