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100% vegan paint

The quality of our ingredients is as important to us as the finished product, and we take great care to make sure that our paint is as eco-friendly as possible. We know that our customers share the same ethos as us and want to make an informed decision about what to buy. You don’t have to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to make an ethical choice and seek out products that are free of animal ingredients and animal testing.

Did you know standard paint is often not vegan-friendly?

Many paints (particularly eco-paints) include casein, the primary protein found in milk, which acts as a binding agent and helps encourage paint to dry.

Others may contain shellac, a resin secreted by insects, or ox gall, a bovine product used as a wetting agent in watercolours. Some paint companies also test ingredients on animals, making the whole process of choosing ethical paint a minefield.

100% vegan paint

No animal testing

At Little Knights, none of our ingredients are tested on animals at any stage of the process. Neither is the finished product, making it 100% cruelty-free. It’s as simple as that.

100% vegan paint

No animal ingredients

None of our paint contains any animal-based ingredients at all. We use only plant-based materials to create a VOC-free, antibacterial, healthy paint that’s completely safe for children and pets. Oh, and it looks fantastic too.

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