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Our Story

Made in Britain

Little Knights paint is manufactured in Northamptonshire by our parent company, Tetramass, a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke coatings and additives.

Mark Gardner, the inventor behind Little Knights, is a pioneer in this field and has an extensive portfolio behind him. Mark felt no paint on the market was truly as safe as it could be, so he designed Little Knights, a 100% VOC-free and antibacterial solution.

Mark has a history of providing the technical wizardry to make extraordinary products possible, from car care, building materials and cleaning products through to textile coatings and cosmetics. He has probably already impacted on your daily life without you even realising it.

A family-run business

Little Knights is his personal passion, about which he cares deeply. Working closely with wife Jackie, and sons Mark Jnr and Nathanial, it is a pure family-run business where they personally oversee every detail, from mixing and packing your orders through to answering your calls and emails.

Why is Little Knights only available online?

We only use the best, highest quality ingredients in Little Knight paint, which makes it expensive to manufacture (but we think you’d prefer it that way).

Were we to supply our paint via traditional retailers, or even have our own high street showrooms, the mark-up required would make our paint unaffordable for many people.

Mark’s clear vision is to make Little Knights paint accessible to all families, not just those lucky enough to have deep pockets. He also refuses to compromise and use lower grade ingredients.

That’s why we cut out the middle man, keep our overheads low and sell our paint direct to you via our website. Even our promotional and marketing activities are kept to a minimum – the growth of Little Knights has been largely through word-of-mouth and social media.

As a result, you pay no more for a tin of Little Knights paint than you would for any other premium brand paint.

100% VOC-free, antibacterial, odourless paint for a healthy home

High-pigment, quick drying, and driven by science

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