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Little Knights 100% VOC-free paint

Little Knights is 100% VOC-free, allergen-free and odour-free. It releases NO toxic emissions into the air, and is free from carcinogens, petrochemicals and hazardous fumes of any kind.

Why choose “low VOC” when you can have 100% VOC-free?

"Volatile organic compounds" are the smelly chemicals in conventional paint. No-one would suggest that breathing them in is a good thing, so why risk it? Choose Little Knights, it is independently tested and verified as being 100% VOC-free

Did you know…?

A joint study between Karlstad University and the Harvard School of Public Health linked the low-VOC water-based paint to a higher concentration of PGEs in bedroom air, which are turn linked to an increased risk of developing asthma, hay fever, and eczema in children. Not with Little Knights paint – it is independently tested and verified as being 100% VOC-free.

Is it 100% natural?

No, Little Knight paint is not 100% natural, but with good reason. While “nature paints” and "eco paints” sound wholesome they are, by their very nature, more susceptible to the growth of mould and bacteria. Mould growth is an entirely “natural and organic” process, but perhaps one you don’t want taking place on your walls.

Sold with integrity…

Wherever possible we use natural ingredients in Little Knights paint, but we also want to make the best and safest product we can. We use only high-quality ingredients and include modern technology as appropriate. We sell our product with honesty and integrity, with no false promises.

…as verified by the Advertising Standards Agency

Our claim to be 100% VOC-free has been substantiated by the Advertising Standards Agency (following a challenge made by another paint manufacturer, backed by the British Coatings Federation). A victory for the little guys! Read more here.

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