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A beautiful paint with no smell

We all know "that paint smell". You may have even experienced headachesĀ or nausea during or after painting. Not so with Little Knights paint, it is totally odourless (and we donā€™t just mean when it is dry, we mean even while you are applying it).

We believe there is simply no healthier paint for you and your family. Our unique paint formulation is non-allergenicĀ  and independently tested and verified as being 100% VOC-free.

odourless paint

Even our gloss paint is odourless

Gloss was always theĀ worstĀ culprit when itĀ cameĀ to paint fumes, but not any more. Our gloss paint is also odour free. This means that the entire home can now be painted in complete safety, using odourless, 100% VOC-free paint.

odourless paint

Donā€™t believe the hype

We've all seen thoseĀ ā€œ99% solvent freeā€ claims on paint tins, but they're not much to shout about. If you use this type of paint for an average size room, you are effectively releasing around 70ml of smelly chemicals into the air in your home.

no smell paint

A beautiful finish that lasts

Little Knights paint is long-lasting and durable, with an unrivalled fade resistance, even in areas exposed to regular sunlight. It is easy to clean with mild soapy water too.

no smell paint

A unique and revolutionary coating

Little Knights paint does more to protect your family than you ever thought a paint could do - it is 100% VOC-free, antibacterial AND has the unique to absorb formaldehyde from the air.

100% VOC-free, antibacterial, odourless paint for a healthy home

High-pigment, quick drying, and driven by science

Interior paint rangeExterior paint range

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We have received several calls from people asking for help with a bizarre issue they are having with a well-known brand of paint. After painting their homes with this paint, an odd smell was noticed that many compared to catā€™s urine or rotten eggsĀ 

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Little Knights - our paint does not pollute waterways

Unlike conventional paints, Little Knights products do not pollute watercourses as they are designed to safely break down into their constituent parts when in water

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