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Little Knights and the environment

Committed to making the best and most sustainable products

Our paint does not pollute waterways

Our paint safely breaks down into constituent parts in water. This is in direct contrast to many water-based paints and emulsions, which contain harmful chemicals that can remain in the water system even after treatment in a sewage plant.

eco friendly paint

Environmentally sustainable packaging

We choose our suppliers carefully. Manor Packaging is among the most environmentally efficient sheet feeder plants in Europe. An anaerobic digester provides their plant will all the energy it needs, with residual energy used to heat the factory and pre-heat boiler water.

Paint tins

Our metal paint tins are manufactured in the UK, meaning they have a lower carbon footprint than those imported from the far East. Our supplier’s site is powered by their own roof-mounted Solar network.

eco friendly paint


The plastic handle is easy to remove a recycle separately from the metal tin.

eco friendly paint


Our lever lid clips have been extensively tested and are 100% recyclable.

no smell paint

Even the glue…

The glue we use to affix the tin labels is made from natural ingredients, with applicators made form 50% recycled plastic.

eco friendly paint

…and the tape

The self-adhesive tape we use to securely seal our cartons is paper-based and 100% recyclable.

eco friendly paint

Printed materials

Our printed materials – colour cards, tin labels, brochures – are printed on paper from sustainable sources.


Our couriers were the first major logistics company to make a voluntary commitment to improve carbon efficiency by 30% over the 2007 baseline by the year 2020. They achieved this goal in 2016 and are working toward more ambitious targets by 2025.

eco friendly paint

Preserving the countryside

In 2018 our owner, Mark Gardner, purchased 14 acres of beautiful countryside and woodland which might otherwise have been used for development. Mark’s commitment is to ensure this land remains a beautiful nature reserve.

Our parent company

Our parent company, Tetramass, is equally committed to a sustainable future. All of our business admin is paperless wherever possible, and we ensure any waste we generate is properly sorted and recycled.

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