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Simply the safest paint for you
and your pets

You wouldn’t knowingly expose your pets to irritating or harmful chemicals, but that could happen with off-the-shelf household paints. Even “low-VOC” paints may emit chemicals that are associated with a greater risk of developing asthma and allergic diseases - and animals are often more sensitive to emissions and odours.

That’s why you should choose Little Knights paint. It is independently certified as being 100% VOC-free and is free from carcinogens, petrochemicals and hazardous fumes of any kind, making it safe for you and your pets.

No smell...

Our paint is also totally odourless, and we don’t just mean when it's dried, we mean even while you are applying it! So no need to evacuate your pets for a spot of decorating.

pet safe paint


Little Knights contains a unique antibacterial additive that helps to protect you and your pets from harmful bacteria.

bird safe paint

…and mould resistant

It also helps to suppresses the growth of mould and mildew in the home, which can make pets poorly.

Toy safe = pet safe

Little Knights is a durable, non-toxic water-based paint that conforms fully Toy Safe legislation (Toy Safe - EN 71-3:2019), meaning that licking and nibbling of the paint will do no harm to your furry, feathery or scaly friends.

allergy safe paint

"Extremely pleased with a paint that not only paints all the boxes but actually ticks them! No odour, easy to apply, looks true in colour and finishes superb. With the all important basis that it's safe for kids and pets it couldn't be anything else than Little Knights paint."

- Gary A
allergy safe paint

"Coverage is excellent and it 'does what it says on the tin', no smell, no fumes, brilliant. We have a small parakeet, who gets distressed if moved to another room, paint fumes could potentially kill small birds, so another massive positive for Little Knights paint. I'm happy, Rosie (our parakeet) is happy and you will be to, if you want a pet and people safe paint. Cannot recommend enough."

- David G
allergy safe paint

"Not only is this paint animal safe but it also only needs one coat to cover a surface brilliantly. Would definitely recommend if not only to save you time!"

- Lauren S

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