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2" EcoTools paint brush

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An all rounder brush size with plenty of scope to cover a large area quickly. Ideal for both interior and exterior work. With shorter handle and sculpted finger and thumb support at front and back. Also available in sizes 1", 1.5" and 4" (25mm, 38mm and 100mm.) 

Upgrade to professional brushes

Our extra-thick brushes pick up a huge amount of paint per stroke - and put it down smoothly. Made for painters who want to apply the most amount of paint in the shortest amount of time, in the smoothest way, with the sharpest lines.

Handcrafted Great British brushes

  • Durable bamboo handles, from a fast growing, sustainable natural resource.
  • Ferrule is made from recycled stainless steel
  • Bristles made from recycled natural and synthetic materials
  • Carbon neutral packaging
  • Designed to provide a lifetime of use and deliver consistently excellent results
  • British made

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Sophie Orr

    2" EcoTools paint brush

    Amazing paints for asthmatics and great brush!

    I have asthma and paint fumes are a real trigger for me. I was totally amazed that these do not smell! My child’s school paints smell more! Such a pleasure to paint with and no nasty smells or health issues. Totally recommend 100%!!

    The brush is fantastic too. Such a pleasure to use! Thank you .

    Jacqueline Felber
    Lovely to use, lovely for the planet

    Very happy with this. Nice handle (smooth and warm as bamboo), bristles soft for a smooth job, and uses recycled metal too. Will buy more.

    2 inch brush

    Used few times, easy to use

    Jay Reavy
    Brushes off all competition!

    I am extremely satisfied with my recent purchase of the 2” eco paint brush. Ergonomic, easy to use, and delivers excellent results! All the while being eco friendly. What more could I ask?!

    As a side note, I made an enquiry with Little Knights prior to purchase and the customer service I received was exceptional.