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We’re giving away paint worth over £250 for your local charity

We’re giving away paint worth over £250 for your local charity

Notice - Updated 25th July 2022

We are utterly delighted at the overwhelming response for our paint from charities up and down the UK. We have been able to donate all our current paint to those in need and look forward to seeing the good it will do.

If you are a charity in need - watch this space - we will be adding more!

Are you involved with your local charity? Could your organisation use some free paint? Then we’d love to talk to you.

As part of our meticulous mixing and colour matching production process, we inevitably have a little paint left over. Discarding it would go completely against the grain for us as a conscientious, sustainably focussed brand, so what we’d like to do is donate it to charity or not-for-profit organisation. While times are hard for everyone at the moment, they’re particularly hard for charitable organisations. Being able to repaint could be a long way down in the budget, even if it’s sorely needed, and we’d like to help.

eco paint giveaway
charity paint giveaway

As our paint is 100% VOC-free, has antibacterial properties and is completely non-toxic and odourless, it would be ideal for charities supporting children, those sensitive to chemicals and allergies, or animals – but we’re open to suggestions! Whether it’s updating a dog run or remodelling a recreation room, we’d love this paint to go to a good cause.

We have 20 litres of each of the following shades and finishes available for donation:

eco paint giveaway


Dark grey in silk finish – strong dark grey with warm, slightly purple undertones

Donated to 1st Wickham Scouts Group in Farham

eco paint giveaway


Dusky teal – A dusky green with a greyish pale overlay

Donated to County Durham Community Clothing Bank

eco paint giveaway


Light turquoise in matte finish – a light, minty blue-green shade

Donated to Carnbo Community Hall Association

eco paint giveaway


Beige - a cosy, warm, sandy shade

Donated to Canolfan Pentre Community Centre in Wales

eco paint giveaway


Cantaloupe in matte - a bright orangey peach with warming pink undertones

Donated to Off the Streets Essex, a homeless shelter who have recently purchased an old hotel to convert

eco paint giveaway


Sage green in matte - a calm, grey-green shade

Donated to the CTiW Haven Project, a charity supporting the homeless and vulnerable in the Whitstable area

eco paint giveaway


Lavender grey in matte - Cool light grey with subtle lilac undertones

Donated to the Huntingdon Volunteer Centre who are moving into a much larger building

The matte finish is perfect for walls and ceilings. The silk finish is very durable, so while it’s also suitable for walls it has more of a sheen and is better suited to furniture or use on doors, skirting, and trims as an accent colour.

As well as donating the paint, we’ll be delivering it for free. The only thing you’ll have to do it is the actual painting – sorry, we can’t help with that! If you know a charity that could use a free lick of paint, then please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. We’re really looking forward to working with you.

Important notes to read before applying

We have four donations to give away in four different colours. Each donation consists of 20 litres of paint worth over £250 in total. The 20 litres must stay as a single donation and can’t be split between different charities. Please note that the colour on the screen may be slightly different to the colour of the actual paint. We’re not able to accept returns.

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