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Choosing the right colour paint - Fun or stressful?

Choosing the right colour paint - Fun or stressful?

Choosing the right colour paint for any room in your home can be a challenging, sometimes head-scratching task. The appearance and behaviour of colour is influenced by the amount of ambient light present in a room and the amount of colour that can be seen. These two simple factors can affect how a colour is perceived in different environments.

Here are some hints and tips to make choosing the right colour a simpler task:

Start with a colour sample card

First and foremost, take the time to choose your colours. Obtain a free colour card to aid the choice of colours. Check the colours under discussion in the room that is being decorated rather than in-store or online. The displays on smartphones and tablets differ in respect to how colour is represented, so it can be difficult to ensure that the colour you see on the display is a precise match with the paint.

Mood and Inspiration

Consider how the room is going to be used, by which family members, at what time of day and what mood is needed. Typically, a bedroom or reading room will need to provide a calm, relaxing environment, where as a communal dining room or socialising space might need to create a brighter more exuberant atmosphere. The use favourite furnishings, carpets/rugs, pictures and fixtures may help with inspiration.

Use sample tins

Purchase 100ml sample tins for your chosen colours. Paint a square swatch of approximately 30cm² onto different walls to take into account any variable light conditions throughout the room. Keep in mind, that colours will often dry a little darker than the appearance of the liquid paint.

What type of finish?

Having made a decision on the choice of colour, how do you know which paint finish to go for? The four common finishes you'll find are: matte, eggshell, silk and gloss. Each type of finish has slightly different properties and features, the choice of which will probably be determined by the type of room being decorated. For example, in spaces you would often come into contact with the paint, you may want to consider a durable paint with a wipeable finish like eggshell, silk or gloss. If what you're painting has a few bumps and imperfections you'd rather not draw attention to, a matte paint may be best as no light will glare off the imperfection.

Buy what you need

When the final choice of paint colour has been made, work out approximately how much paint is needed to complete the job. It is better to over-estimate and have some 'leftover' paint available for any unexpected touch-ups. If possible always try and buy paint from the same production batch to ensure consistent colour matching.

Finally, allow sufficient time to prepare and decorate the room, and once finished, take a step back to admire and enjoy your newly decorated room. 

For more helpful guidance on what paint is best for your home, contact us or call 01604 781009.

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