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An easier, eco-freindly way to clean brushes and rollers

An easier, eco-freindly way to clean brushes and rollers

In the world of DIY painting, many enthusiasts might not even be aware of the intricate process involved in cleaning up after using conventional paints. We’re here to shed light on a surprising, eco-friendly alternative that's bound to reshape the way you think about post-painting maintenance…

Brush cleaning protocols (with conventional paints)

We understand the conventional brush cleaning process… and it can be one people find tricky to stick to.

After a day of painting with regular paints, you might find yourself with brushes and rollers soaked in potentially harmful substances. The standard protocol is to avoid washing these brushes in a way that lets the paint enter the watercourse. Instead, brushes are meant to be washed in a container, where sediment and paint particles settle at the bottom. Once settled, the water above can be carefully drained, and the paint leftovers disposed of according to your local Council's guidelines.

Cleaning brushes

Enter Little Knights, a safer way to clean

With Little Knights, we’ve reimagined the entire brush cleaning experience. You see, our paint isn’t just a paint; it’s a commitment to safety, for both you and the environment. Our unique formula eliminates the need for elaborate brush cleaning rituals that aim to prevent paint from entering the water system. Here’s how:

The science behind the magic

Little Knights paint is developed to be environmentally conscious from the start. It's crafted to safely break down into its harmless constituent parts. This means that cleaning your brushes doesn’t require elaborate sediment settling or cautious drainage. Instead, cleaning brushes used with our paint can be done in a way that respects both nature and your convenience.

Cleaning the Little Knights way

After using our paint, here’s how you clean your brushes:

1. Remove excess paint: Scrape off excess paint from the brushes.

2. Soap and water: Clean your brushes with mild soap and water. You don’t need to worry about special containers or sediment settling. Our paint is designed to break down harmlessly.

3. Dispose responsibly: Dispose of the rinse water down the sink – it won’t harm the environment.

Cleaning brushes

Why Little Knights makes the difference

Our commitment to safety and sustainability led us to create a paint that respects our planet's delicate balance, as well as you and your families health. No more fuss about sediment settling or paint remnants. With Little Knights 100% VOC-free, odourless, antibacterial paint, you can have a cleaner conscience while you redecorate.

100% VOC-free, antibacterial, odourless paint for a healthy home

High-pigment, quick drying, and driven by science

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