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How to paint indoor wooden furniture

How to paint indoor wooden furniture

Is your wooden furniture looking tired and in need of reinvigoration? Upcycling and repurposing indoor furniture could be the way to go. Wooden chairs, tables, a chest of drawers, wardrobes might benefit from a coat of Little Knights paint to create a new lease of life.

What is the best way to prepare and paint furniture to get the best outcome?


If your furniture has been in storage in a loft or garage, or unused in a spare room, it may be dirty and dusty. Wipe it down thoroughly with an old towel or cloth to make sure it is clean and free of any foreign bodies. If possible, disassemble the furniture into any separate parts, so that paint can be easily applied to all sides, ensuring all visible surfaces are covered.

how to paint indoor wooden furniture


With wooden furniture that has been painted before, it will need to be sanded down to remove any existing paint or varnish. Old or new, sanding is also recommended to ensure that Little Knights paint bonds well to the surface of the wood. Medium or fine grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge are suitable for the job. Remember to use a damp cloth to remove any dust from the furniture after sanding.

how to paint indoor wooden furniture

Choosing a brush

Little Knights offer a range of innovative, decorating products produced from ecologically sustainable materials, and by-products from other manufacturing processes. Where possible, all aspects of these products are compostable, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.

Applying the paint

Why not choose a colour from the Little Knights cot and furniture paint range? This looks great on wooden furniture, is suitable for surfaces that need to be wiped clean every now and then and doesn't require you to choose a finish. 

The high quality of the Little Knights paint allows it to be thinned if required by adding up to 10% water - for the first coat only. An extra coat may be required to cover strong or contrasting colours. Before applying a second coat, please wait for four hours for the first coat to be completely dry.

To avoid drips and run marks, do not have too much paint on the brush at any one time and pay close attention to all surfaces, painting out any drips as they appear.

Avoid spreading the paint too thinly and avoid reworking areas that are still wet. Do not apply in damp or cold conditions below 10°C.

Surface care

Little Knights paints are touch dry within 1-2 hours, although we advise allowing the paint to dry for at least seven days after it is applied before wiping the surface.  When necessary, clean the painted surface with a soft cloth and clean soapy water.

Cleaning up

To store any unused paint, replace the lid firmly making sure that the seal is airtight. Remove as much paint as possible from brushes and decorating tools before cleaning in warm soapy water, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

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