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Interesting paint ideas that will transform a room

Interesting paint ideas that will transform a room

It is not just an unusual colour scheme that will have an impact on your room, it’s how those colours are presented and combined. Here’s four interesting paint ideas that can give your room a lift.


Vertical or horizontal, stripes are a classic way of making a wall more interesting – using contrasting colours so the wall becomes a focal point in the room. To create stripes, painter’s tape and a tape measure will be your main tools. Why not use three colours and have a narrow white line running between the main colours to help emphasise them.

striped interior

(Image source

Colourful waves

Why not go one step on from stripes and paint colourful waves on a chosen wall of your home to create the effect of an abstract painting? Using a pencil you can draw the different lines freehand before using contrasting colours to create a stunning design, which can be used to tie in the different colours accents around the room.   

colourful wave room decoration

(Image source


There are a lot of examples of chevron paint designs to be found on the internet – you won’t have to look far for inspiration. Chevrons can look dazzling and can create an eye-catching feature wall. While they may look complicated, they can be easily created using a stencil or by drawing a grid over a base colour paint using chalk and then creating the chevrons with painter’s tape. You could practice on a small wall or alcove before graduating to a main wall.

Chevron nursery design idea

(Image source Carouseldesigns)

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is a great way of lifting a bland wall or room without hanging art or using a piece of unusual furniture to make a statement. The technique involves using bold colours to create points and areas in the room that really stand out. Painting walls halfway with contrasting colours, painted ceilings, geometric shapes and bright coloured doors are just a few ideas from the school of colour blocking.

Colour blocking kids room ideas

(Image source


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