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Introducing our new Doors, Skirting and Trims paint

Introducing our new Doors, Skirting and Trims paint

It was great; we’ve made it even better

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Doors, Skirting and Trims paint. Forever striving to make our products the best that they can be, it is an evolution of our previous Gloss finish, with the new formulation being more durable and easier to use, providing a beautiful satin or gloss finish while retaining all the great qualities you love about Little Knights paint:

      100% VOC-free and odourless
      Antibacterial protection
      Toy Safe accreditation
      Asthma & allergy friendly
      Pet safe

Beauty and brawn

Our Doors, Skirting and Trims paint is available in the exact same 79 stunning colours as our Walls and Ceiling and Cot and Furniture collections, giving you the freedom to express your unique style. Whether you crave a bold, colour-drenched room or want to embrace the playful energy of maximalist design, this collection empowers your creativity.

Protecting more than just woodwork

Whether it be the skirting boards that get covered in who knows what from the floor, or door frames being touched with grubby hands (and don’t forget brushed up against by our furry friends), the woodwork in the house gets covered in an array of questionable substances. As well as being easily wipeable, our ‘Doors, Skirting and Trims’ paint contain a unique and fully-certified antimicrobial additive that is effective against all known bacteria.

Things just got bigger

We always keep a very close ear out to what our customers say, and so it is that we have added a new tin size to the range – being available now in both 750ml and the new 2.5 litre, meaning you can tackle larger projects with ease.

Why 100% VOC-free matters

VOCs (volatile organic compound) are chemical pollutants that turn into vapours as paint dries. Many paints are promoted as being “low VOC”, giving the impression that, because they are water-based, they are safe. However, they still contain these chemicals. A study by research scientists from Harvard University and Kalstad University in Sweden found that children sleeping in bedrooms containing fumes from even these low-VOC water-based paints, were two to four times more likely to suffer allergies and asthma.

All our paints are independently verified 100% VOC-free, meaning they release NO nasty fumes, just water. This means you can paint your entire home with peace of mind, knowing you're creating a safe and healthy environment for your family.

Proud to be Made in Britain by a family run business

Little Knights paint is made in Northamptonshire by us, the Gardner family (hence the funnily spelled ‘Gardner Green’ colour within the range). Mark Gardner, the inventor behind Little Knights, is a pioneer in his field and has an extensive portfolio behind him. Mark felt that there was no paint on the marketplace that was truly as safe as it could be, and so he designed Little Knights. Instead of selling out to larger brands, we've kept this industry-first paint in-house and remain dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of safer paints in the decorating industry.

100% VOC-free, antibacterial, odourless paint for a healthy home

High-pigment, quick drying, and driven by science

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