Little Knights - our paint does not pollute waterways

Little Knights - our paint does not pollute waterways

July 03, 2017

Unlike conventional paints, Little Knights products do not pollute watercourses as they are designed to safely break down into their constituent parts when in water.

Better for the environment than conventional paints

As well as being the safest paint for the family home, Little Knights paint is harmless to the environment. This is in direct contrast to most standard water-based paints and emulsions on the market, many of which are made by well-known manufacturers.

Generally, the cheaper the paint, the more likely it is to contain harmful chemicals.  Standard water-based emulsions, even many so-called ‘eco-paints’ contain PGEs (propylene glycol and glycol ethers) which are not only a threat to children – causing asthma, rashes and irritations – they also kill aquatic life.

Many of these toxic chemicals remain in the water system, even after treatment in a sewage plant, and are discharged back into rivers, lakes and streams, potentially causing health problems that we are only now starting to really understand.

Cleaning brushes

If you want to clean your paintbrushes after using Little Knights paint, you simply run them under the tap and wash the paint out. It’s safe to allow the paint to run down the plughole and into the sewerage system.

Cleaning brushes after using conventional paints is a lot more complicated. The correct method is to use one container of water to clean the brushes and another to rinse them. All the waste water should then be put in a larger container and allowed to settle before the water can be poured off the sediment – always ensuring that the dirty water is kept well away from waterways or drains.

Kind to clothes and nature, but tough-wearing and durable

Another benefit of using Little Knights is that it doesn’t ruin clothes if you accidentally get paint on them. If you rinse them in warm water straight after there should be no lasting damage whatsoever.

But remember to do this while the paint is wet because once dry the paint will hold fast.  Little Knights paint has been designed to be used by families and, when set, it is hard-wearing, durable and easy to wipe clean.

The best paint product around

These properties have not come about by chance. Little Knights paint has been developed with the benefit of many years of experience, and using ground-breaking new technology. The end result is a paint range that is among the safest and most benign paint products around, which at the same time delivers a wonderful, lasting finish.

It is a source of pride that we have produced the best product we could – one that is free of emissions and harmful chemicals, anti-bacterial and kind to the environment.

 If you would like to know more about the environmental befits of using Little Knight paints, please contact us on 01604 781009 or email 

Little Knights

Antibacterial, zero emission, non-allergenic and 100% VOC free

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Four beautiful odourless paint finishes


For a solid, flat and elegant finish that is easy to touch up when required, matte paint is ideal for creating a gentle, soothing finish.  It helps to conceal flaws too, making it a good choice for older walls with "character".


Has slightly more lustre than a matte finish, low-sheen rather than shiny.  This attractive finish resists stains better than matte paint, and is easier to maintain


Creates an attractive and highly durable high sheen finish, an ideal choice if you want to make a room look bigger.  While it is the easiest to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth) Silk paint’s light reflecting properties do make it more difficult to touch up because any difference in sheen will be apparent.  It will make imperfections in your walls more noticeable, so it is worth investing a bit of extra time on surface preparation to make your walls as smooth as possible.  


Even our gloss paint is zero-VOC! An easy-to-apply, non-drip antibacterial gloss paint that provides a hardwearing, wipe-clean finish for interior and exterior wood and metal.  (Please note, the gloss does not share the formaldehyde-absorbing properties of the emulsion paint, but there's still no safer gloss paint on the market!) 


Little Knights

Simply the safest part for you and your family