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Silver Cross collaboration: Becoming one of their interior advice experts

Silver Cross collaboration: Becoming one of their interior advice experts

Exciting news - we have started working with Silver Cross to become one of their interior advice experts.

In June 2021 Silver Cross released a new section of their website called The Edit - the new, go-to destination for all things pregnancy- and parenting-related. From exercising your pelvic floor to surrogacy and surviving sleep deprivation, it is packed full of inspiring articles, tips and expert advice (plus an ingenious 'dark reading mode' for those mid-night feeds!) . This week saw the launch of their Interiors section, something we have been quietly working on with them for the past few months.

We, and other experts in their fields, will be sharing insights, advice and information (much as we do on our own blog). We are so excited to share this information with even more families who may otherwise be unaware of the potential health issues associated with "regular" paint.

"We were so excited when Silver Cross got in touch," says our founder Mark. "They'd noticed more and more people were talking about and safer, VOC-free paint and found our website. Since then we have been working closely together on a number of different projects, such as this one and the 'Silver Cross Loves' takeover that we did, and even have some secret extras in the pipeline. Watch this space!"

Be sure to check out The Edit for fantastic advice, ideas and much more (plus keep your eyes open for yours truly popping up on there!).

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