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Thoughts on The Guardian's "eco-paints" comments

Thoughts on The Guardian's "eco-paints" comments

We recently read with interest a piece in The Guardian regarding “5 ways to make your home less toxic”.

It’s a good article with some sensible advice, however there’s an important point it doesn’t address regarding “eco-friendly paints”.

The dangers of "eco-friendly" or "natural" paints

It is a common misconception that natural ingredients are the safest, but many “eco-friendly” or “natural“ paints contain ingredients such as casein, which is a dairy-based product that can actually encourage the growth and proliferation of moulds in the home. As mentioned in the article, these can release spores that float in the air and can be detrimental to your health. In effect, these natural paints can inadvertently create the toxicity you’re setting out to avoid!

Uniquely antibacterial

By contrast Little Knights was a product born of frustration as the lack of a truly safe and high-quality paint for the domestic market. Developed by our very own Mark Gardner, a pioneer in the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke coatings and additives, Little Knights is uniquely antibacterial, formaldehyde-absorbing and 100% VOC-free. Furthermore, it is kinder to waterways.

Little Knights carefully combines the best natural ingredients with carefully researched, high quality modern ingredients to create the safest possible product.

Little Knights paint is available exclusively from our website

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