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What it means to be a Toy Safe accredited paint

What it means to be a Toy Safe accredited paint

Little Knights paint is proud to be Toy Safe certified, meeting the stringent standards set by EN 71-3:2019. This certification ensures that our interior paint is safe to use on cots, furniture, and children's toys, making it an ideal choice for parents and caregivers.

What is the Toy Safe accreditation?

Toy safe paintEN 71-3:2019 is a European safety standard specifically designed for toys and children's products. It focuses on the migration of certain elements, such as heavy metals, from the materials used in the manufacturing process. This standard aims to protect children from potential hazards associated with the ingestion or contact of harmful substances.

Here are a few reasons why Toy Safe certification is crucial when choosing paint for cots, furniture, and children's toys:

  1. Child safety

Little Knights paint undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the strict requirements outlined in EN 71-3:2019. By using Toy Safe certified paint, you can have peace of mind knowing that the paint poses no risk to your child's health. It eradicates the potential for ingesting or absorbing harmful substances, which could lead to health issues. 

  1. Non-toxic formulation

Little Knights paint is formulated with the safety of children in mind. It's 100% VOC-free, allergen-free and odour-free. It releases NO toxic emissions into the air, and is free from carcinogens, petrochemicals and hazardous fumes of any kind, which are commonly found in conventional paints. Our paint is also antibacterial, making it a safe choice for use on surfaces that come into direct contact with children.

Child safe paint
  1. Durable and long-lasting

Not only is Little Knights paint safe, but it also offers excellent durability and longevity. Our cot & furniture paint provides a high-quality finish that withstands the wear and tear associated with children's play. This means that the painted cots, furniture, and toys will retain their beauty and safety for a longer period.

  1. Ease of application

Little Knights paint is designed to be user-friendly. It applies smoothly and evenly, allowing for easy and hassle-free application. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, or a professional painter, the paint's consistency and coverage make it a reliable choice for achieving a beautiful finish.

  1. Wide range of colours

Little Knights paint offers a wide array of colours to suit your personal taste and style. You can choose from a palette of vibrant and pastel shades, ensuring that your cots, furniture, and toys not only meet safety standards but also look great.


Toy safe accredited paint

By selecting a Toy Safe paint like Little Knights paint, you are prioritising the well-being of your children

Our Toy Safe certified paint provides a safe and aesthetically pleasing solution for painting cots, furniture, and children's toys. With Little Knights paint, you can create a nurturing and beautiful environment for your little ones, free from harmful substances.

100% VOC-free, antibacterial, odourless paint for a healthy home

High-pigment, quick drying, and driven by science

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