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At last, a VOC-free gloss paint

At last, a VOC-free gloss paint

*March 2024 update: We have been very busy and have made our gloss even better. The gloss mentioned below has now changed and become our 'Doors, Skirtings & Trims Paint.*

Little Knights is delighted to announce that our antibacterial gloss paint, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, has now been independently verified as being 100% VOC-free. Following rigorous testing, it now has the same certification as all the other paint finishes in range, whereby it releases NO toxic emissions into the air, only water.

This means that the entire home can now be painted in complete safety, using VOC-free paint.

Don’t settle for low-VOC

VOCs (volatile organic compound) are chemical pollutants that turn into vapours as paint dries. Many paints are promoted as being “low VOC”, giving the impression that, because they are water-based, they are safe. However, they still contain these chemicals. A study by research scientists from Harvard University and Kalstad University in Sweden found that children sleeping in bedrooms containing fumes from water-based paints were two to four times more likely to suffer allergies and asthma.

About Little Knights

Colours and sizes

Little Knights is available in 42 beautiful colours, four different finishes and in tin sizes ranging from a small sample tin through to a 5-litres. Click to view the range.


Little Knights paint contains a unique and fully-certified antimicrobial additive that is effective against all known bacteria and helps to control growth of mould and mildew.

Made in Britain

Little Knights paint is manufactured in Northamptonshire. Mark Gardner, the inventor behind Little Knights, is a pioneer in this field and has an extensive portfolio behind him. Mark felt that there was no paint on the marketplace that was truly as safe as it could be, and so he designed Little Knights, a completely solvent-free and antibacterial solution.

100% VOC-free, antibacterial, odourless paint for a healthy home

High-pigment, quick drying, and driven by science

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