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How to paint a wooden shed

How to paint a wooden shed

Once you’ve picked out your colour palette, you can start to get excited about your spruced up shed. Just make sure you do all the necessary prep so you won’t have to wait until the next sunny day to start the whole process again. 

Here are the necessary steps to prepping and painting your wooden shed.

Get the right tools to paint your shed

Make sure you have good quality paint brushes and rollers. If you want a thicker coat of paint, use a long nap roller. Alternatively, you can use a four-inch brush for larger areas and a one or two-inch brush for finer details. 

You’ll also need some exterior wood paint. There are a lot of different exterior wood paints, but aim to find a brand that is durable in any weather and withstands high UV levels, so it won’t fade over time.

Clean your shed

Now you’ve got the right tools, it’s time to prep your shed. Firstly, check it doesn’t have any structural issues. You don’t want your shed to fall over while you’re trying to paint it. It may also need a spring clean, so get rid of any cobwebs and debris before you start painting. 

Prepare the shed

If it’s an old shed, it may need a bit more attention before you go ahead and start painting. Fill in any large gaps with caulk, and sand down any leftover patches once the caulk has dried. With a newer shed, you can skip this step.

Use an oil-based wood primer that protects the wood from the elements and provides a smoother surface to paint. Or to save time and money choose a colour from the Little Knights Exterior Paint range. Simply dilute the paint by 10% and it will act as its own primer. No need for a primer or undercoat. 

How to paint a wooden shed


In this stage, you may also want to cover any metalwork and window ledges with masking tape to avoid the paint from splashing onto unwanted areas. 

Paint your shed

The time has come to decorate your shed. Apply the first layer of paint in dry, warm conditions. Once you have completed one side of the shed, move your way around, and wait for the paint to dry completely before applying the second coat. 

To paint a wall of your shed with more than one colour, tape sheets of paper to your wall in your chosen pattern then paint the exposed area of wood with your secondary colour.

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