Interior design trends for 2018

Interior design trends for 2018

February 03, 2018

Taking inspiration from the beautiful Suffolk countryside, we created a range of modern colours that reflect the timeless joy of raising a young family.

However, we don’t live in a bubble, so we also keep one eye on the latest interior design trends – partly because it is our business to do so, and partly because we just love to see images of beautifully decorated rooms.

Having trawled the internet for opinions, here’s a look at some of the interior design trends for 2018.

Say goodbye to all-white kitchens

According to boho chic website Swoon Worthy all-white kitchens are going out of style while eclectic and mixed finishes are now the order of the day.  

When it comes to richer colours:  indigo is out and lilac is in, while pinks are soon to be replaced by shades of peach in the on-trend living rooms of next year. 


Warm neutrals

Influential Houzz has tipped a move away from cool neutrals, such as greys and monochrome, which have been popular this year.

Instead, it expects the tones for 2018 to include warm greys with rich, earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco, brown-blacks, delicious red, and burnt yellow.


Bright and bold 

An article in House Beautiful forecasts bright, bold, vibrant tones to have an impact in 2018 – with colours such a canary yellow, lime green and citrus orange bringing some cheer.

Black, in all its different tones, is also expected to make a comeback.


Back to nature 

A feature in the Independent predicts that interior style is set to go back to nature, with soft, warm, calm tones the order of the day.

Natural terracotta, greys, woody tones, and muted blues and greens are expected to be popular in 2018.


Toned down pastels

Property website Rightmove is another to predict the end of the fad for grey shades and says these will be replaced by toned down pastels like dusky mauves and darker pralines - hues that can add depth and personality to your room.  



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