New additions to the Little Knights range

New additions to the Little Knights range

January 29, 2018

Although the Little Knights paint range available today is the result of years of development work, it is only around 18 months since our products were launched onto the market.

And in that short time, we have been delighted at the response we have received from both customers and the industry who have reacted so positively to our 100% VOC-freeanti-bacterial paints.  

On-going development

But we do not intend to rest on our laurels and will continue to develop and improve our offering to ensure the safest paints on the market also provide customers with the choice and variety they would expect from a leading paint supplier.

Evidence of this commitment can be seen in our recent developments which include a major expansion of the Little Knights colour range, the introduction of sample pots and medium-sized paint tins and the forthcoming launch of a gloss option across the entire range.

New colours  

At the end of last year we introduced 26 new colours - offering more choice and some wonderful new shades with names such as Hint of Mint, Crushed Apricot and Puddles.

We had always planned to develop the range and now offer a total of 42 colours. Many of the new shades are on the lighter side and have been designed to complement the existing range. They have been carefully chosen to combine subtlety with character, and sophistication with playfulness.

Sample tins 

Last year also saw Little Knights introduce 100ml sample pots for all its colours.  We appreciate that homeowners want to test colours in situ before they decide on the right colours for them and now they can.

We also introduced a 750ml tin size for all our colours and finishes – offering customers a smaller option than the 2.5 litre and 5 litre tins we had previously released.

The 750ml tins are targeted at those looking to paint furniture – a growing trend as more people seek to repurpose and renovate old chairs, tables, beds and cabinets. 

Gloss option across the range

This year we will also producing a gloss paint option across the entire colour range whereas up to now it’s only been available for the ‘Pure’ shade.

Gloss provides a hardwearing, wipe-clean finish and is recommended for use on small areas, such as door trims, and areas where there is a lot of traffic and the likelihood of people knocking the surface. 


Little Knights

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Four beautiful odourless paint finishes


For a solid, flat and elegant finish that is easy to touch up when required, matte paint is ideal for creating a gentle, soothing finish.  It helps to conceal flaws too, making it a good choice for older walls with "character".


Has slightly more lustre than a matte finish, low-sheen rather than shiny.  This attractive finish resists stains better than matte paint, and is easier to maintain


Creates an attractive and highly durable high sheen finish, an ideal choice if you want to make a room look bigger.  While it is the easiest to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth) Silk paint’s light reflecting properties do make it more difficult to touch up because any difference in sheen will be apparent.  It will make imperfections in your walls more noticeable, so it is worth investing a bit of extra time on surface preparation to make your walls as smooth as possible.  


Even our gloss paint is zero-VOC! An easy-to-apply, non-drip antibacterial gloss paint that provides a hardwearing, wipe-clean finish for interior and exterior wood and metal.  (Please note, the gloss does not share the formaldehyde-absorbing properties of the emulsion paint, but there's still no safer gloss paint on the market!) 


Little Knights

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