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Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2017

Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2017

“2017 is a year for the bold. Go bold or go home, or, bring bold in to your home. Liven up minimalistic living spaces with some ‘out there’ statement pieces” – Gemma Gear

2016’s pace of change and anger has caused so much internal chaos that this year our homes will reflect the peace we are seeking” – Shaynna Blaze 

Although these statements seem miles apart, they both refer to the same interior trends of 2017.  Homes are starting to ooze luxury and character, whilst maintaining that calm and soothing essence needed to counteract our hectic lifestyles.

Here are the top 7 trends of 2017…


Space is the ultimate luxury

Down comes 2016’s cluttered wallpapers to be replaced by this seasons large expanses of clean painted walls. We’re expecting to see lots of whites and muted colours to make places feel larger and airier. Natural light from windows will be more sort-after to make the space feel fresher and therefore calmer. Blush pinks, greys and light blues will be perfect base colours for walls, particularly as they compliment the rising trend of house plants and natural materials.


Interior Design Trends 2017



It's all about the green

Voted Pantone’s colour of the year, green is likely 2017’s most noticeable impact in our home trends. Hues from lime green to emerald are expected to be peppered throughout homes as a shout-out to nature. House plants in particular are going to be the next big thing, signifying healthy living with a relaxed aura.


Interior Design Trends 2017

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Raw materials

Our growing need to re-connect with nature means we expect to see a lot of wooden and marble surfaces around the home. These two will be increasingly popular due to the detailed contours that engage your eye and stand out from wall’s muted base colours.


Interior Design Trends 2017

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Farewell copper

The oversaturation of cheap rose gold and copper imitations in the 2016 market now implies that you’re perhaps trying too hard. This goes against any sense of luxury and effortless living designers are striving to achieve, so rose gold is out. Still needing the industrial edge to counterbalance natures influence in the home, we expect brass to supersede copper or perhaps be added as a mixed tone to dial down the rose gold.


Interior Design Trends 2017

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Cork is in (yes, really)

Not only does cork have a contoured and natural aesthetic, it also has its practicalities. Having a whole wall of cork can be a bold design statement whilst its noise absorption qualities minimalise the various sounds that come with open-plan living. This, alongside the ability to easily pin items to its surface makes for a personalized and calming feature to your home.


Interior Design Trends 2017

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Quality over quantity

People are displaying a more conscientious approach to consumerism, preferring more quality products that benefit the home. Necessary features of the home such as work surfaces, lights, sofas etc. are therefore more artisan, specifically chosen to work with one another. Having minimalist rooms filled with functional statement pieces are a great way of expressing yourself whilst having a calm uncluttered environment.


Interior Design Trends 2017



More textures please

As flat screen technology surrounds our modern lifestyles, 2017 will start to reflect peoples need to really experience their home. Weaving luxurious textures together such as thick fur, velvet, leather and soft satin blankets will indulge the senses, giving you both comfort and keeping on trend with your style.


Interior Design Trends 2017

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