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Is it a good idea to paint during Winter? Yes!

Is it a good idea to paint during Winter? Yes!

Many are less enthused for painting and decorating in winter, mainly because it gets so cold keeping windows open for ventilation to disperse paint fumes and encourage paint to dry.

100% zero-VOC = no paint fumes

The good news is with Little Knights you can safely paint with the windows closed. It is 100% zero-VOC, meaning no paint fumes and no paint smell.

Fast drying

Little Knights is fast drying, so it should be enough to simply leave interior doors open to encourage ventilation as the paint dries.

Safer and more hygienic

As an added bonus, Little Knights paint contains both an antibacterial agent and a mould inhibitor so your finished room look stunning and be safer and more hygienic too.

A dehumidifier may help in Winter

Paint takes longer to dry in more humid air, so if you live in an older property with poor ventilation, an everyday dehumidifier is a neat way to encourage water-based paints to dry more quickly.

Keep warm!

Try not to disconnect the radiator unless you really must, as the room will benefit from low-level heating while you work, and you’ll enjoy working in a warmer room. A long-handled mini roller is helpful for painting behind a radiator.

The perfect family paint

Little knights paint is simply the safest paint for you and your loved ones. As well as being 100% VOC-free and antibacterial, it is beautiful too, with high pigment levels giving you depth of tone to be proud of.

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